Nordic Hot Tubs

Luxury Series

Offering the finest luxury features while keeping focus on simplicity and value.

Sport Edition

Stylish and comfortable with outstanding performance.

Modern Series

Quality, timeless design built for versatility, reliability at an affordable price.

Classic Series

Classic round hot tubs incorporating traditional design with modern features.

All-In 110 Series

Plug-N-Play series with features and functions found in top-of-the-line hot tubs.

The Nordic Difference

If you are looking for outstanding hot water therapy and quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price point, then a Nordic Hot Tub is your best choice. Here’s why…..

Spa World Rock Springs Wyoming

Superior Quality

We strive to set the quality standard that our competitors try to achieve.

Spa World Rock Springs Wyoming

Exclusive Dual Therapy System

Discover how DTS™ gives you the highest level of hot water therapy.

Spa World Rock Springs Wyoming

Industry Leading Warranty

Enjoy your Nordic Hot Tub without worry because we stand behind our products.